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Mysterious Book Report No. 369 – Trigger

Mysterious Book Report Trigger

Trigger by David Swinson Mulholland/Little, Brown and Company, $27.50, 340 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-26425-9 Frank Marr is “a good cop with a bad habit,” who operates as a PI in the down and dirty underbelly of our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. Forced into early retirement from the Metro DC Police Force, he ekes out a living […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 359 – The Ma...

Mysterious Book Report The Man Who Came Uptown

The Man Who Came Uptown by George Pelecanos Mulholland, $27.00, 263 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-47982-0 Everyone makes choices . . . and then has to live with the consequences of those choices.  A fictional character in Washington, D.C. named Michael Hudson made a bad choice and it landed him in prison.  That’s where he got the […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 38 – Hell ...

Mysterious Book Report Hell & Gone

Hell & Gone by Duane Swiercyznski Mulholland, $14.99, 286 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-13329-6 We’re continuing with serials this week . . . and no Mikey . . . they’re not the kind you pour out of a box and eat for breakfast with milk and a spoon.  These are serial stories, like you see on TV, […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 37 – Fun &...

Mysterious Book Report Fun & Games

Fun & Games by Duane Swierczynski Mulholland, $14.99, 286 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-13328-9 Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right?  Where every blessed thing is late, broken, or uncooperative?  You know what I mean.  The wake-up alarm doesn’t go off, you can’t find the car keys, the boss is all in an […]