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Unforsaken Review by Manuel Ramos

Unforsaken by John Dwaine McKenna

Unforsaken by John Dwaine McKenna Unforsaken is a bullet packed with gritty characters and explosive action. John Dwaine McKenna skillfully takes readers to the untamed Southwest at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.  The Wild West is past its heyday. Locomotives have replaced horses.  Bandit gangs are a vanishing menace, yet outlaws still prowl the […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 99 – City of S...

Mysterious Book Report City of Saints

City of Saints by Andrew Hunt Minotaur Books, $24.99, 321 pages, ISBN 978-1-250-01579-2 I’m willing to bet that most Americans don’t know jack about Mormons, or Mormonism, or Salt Lake City, Utah . . . the heart of the Mormon empire.  If they happen to be a little more savvy than their follow citizens, some […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 44 – Under the...

Mysterious Book Report Under the Banner of Heaven

Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer Anchor Books, paperback, $14.95, 375 pages, ISBN 1-4000-3280-6 What’s the scariest thing you can think of?  Financial collapse?  World-wide pandemic?  Street crime?  A giant asteroid hitting the Earth? Nuclear war?  All of those things are frightening as hell, but for me personally, the scariest thing we face […]