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Mysterious Book Report No. 330 ̵...

Mysterious Book Report Blood On The Tracks

Blood on the Tracks by Barbara Nickless Thomas & Mercer, PB, $15.95, 372 pages, ISBN 978-1503936867 It was a lucky day for all of us when my wife June’s book club decided to read this outstanding first novel, written by a Colorado author and published in 2016.  Smart group those dozen-plus ladies, all college or […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 224 ̵...

Mysterious Book Report The Devil’s Share

The Devil’s Share by Wallace Stroby Minotaur Books, $25.99, 263 pages, ISBN 978-1-250-06575-9 I have a theory about book covers that goes like this: The size of the author’s name is in inverse proportion to their fame. In other words, popular best-selling writers like Michael Connolly and James Lee Burke will have their names emblazoned […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 30 –...

Mysterious Book Report Night Falls On Damascus

 Night Falls On Damascus by Frederick Highland Thomas Dunn, $24.95, 259 pages, ISBN 978-0-312-33789-6 Night Falls On Damascus is about a world in terrible flux.  Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Kuwait were all created after World War I, “The Great War” as it was then called, from the remnants of the devastated Ottoman Empire.  They were […]