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Mysterious Book Report No. 346 – Bluff

Mysterious Book Report Bluff

Bluff by Michael Kardos Mysterious Press/Grove Atlantic, $26.00, 272 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2804-1 Bluff is a novel about the practice of sleight of hand, or magic, and magic is done by practicing the art of misdirection.  The conjurer talks the audience into looking over there while at the exact same time doing something over here and […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 108 – Ghostman

Mysterious Book Report Ghostman

Ghostman by Roger Hobbs Alfred A. Knopf, $24.95, 321 pages, ISBN 978-0-307-95996-6 Who among us hasn’t dreamed, at one time or another, of chucking it all; going off the grid and living a life of anonymity?  No name, no taxes and no responsibilities . . . answerable only to oneself and the whims of chance.  […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 61 – False Neg...

Mysterious Book Report False Negative

False Negative by Joseph Koenig Hard Case Crime, 256 pages, $9.95, ISBN 978-0-85768-580-3 To keep myself occupied, when I didn’t have my nose pressed to the TV screen watching the minute-by-minute news of the Waldo Canyon fire and waited for the evacuation notification that never came, I got busy reading some pulp fiction on my […]