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Mysterious Book Report No 343 – Flight Of...

Mysterious Book Report Flight Of The Fox

Flight of the Fox by Gray Basnight Down & Out Books, PB, $18.95, 381 pages, ISBN 978-1-946502-61-2 An electrifying, propulsive and timely thriller was just released that, by all rights, should shoot to the top of every bestseller list in the country.  If ever an author stepped up to the plate, took a swing, hit […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 239 – The Ligh...

Mysterious Book Report The Lightkeepers

The Lightkeepers by Abby Geni Counterpoint, $25.00, 358 pages, ISBN 978-1-61902-600-1 An exceptional new authorial voice was brought to our attention by some friends in New York City a few weeks ago. They know we’re always looking for exemplary first novels by as-yet unknown writers to introduce to our MBR audience—and although we don’t always […]

Mysterious Book Report No. 128 – Little G...

Mysterious Book Report Little Green

Little Green by Walter Mosley Doubleday, $25.95, 291 pages, ISBN 978-0-385-53598-4 I’m asked, from time to time, Why bother reading fiction?  A number of answers spring to mind, such as; to entertain myself; to see how other people think; to educate myself by associating with smart people among others.  But the best reason I can […]